New PEEK Capabilities from MDS

John Jorgensen and Material & Design Solutions (MDS) are pleased to announce new capabilities in our injection molding PEEK center. We recently acquired a 600-ton injection molding machine for PEEK, or PEK finished parts as well as tube stock in MDS Pektron compounds. The Pektron (PEEK) family includes virgin, 30% glass, 30% carbon fiber, 10-10-10, as well as other PEEK compounds. For pricing of tubes or finished parts please call our sales department at 713-722-0020 or contact Andy Jorgensen ( at 215-720-9076. For design support contact Mark Bell, P.E. ( at 936-718-5357.

MDS continues to enjoy success with its Petroz FFKM products including o-rings, t-rings and chevron seals. Approved at major players in oil and gas, and tested against Kalrez® and Chemraz®, we will provide data that show MDS Petroz 75A; Petroz 90A; and Petroz 95A RGD resistant compounds that exceed industry standards, as well as competitors’ offerings.

®Kalrez is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours Inc.

®Chemraz is a registered trademark of Greene, Tweed & Co.