At MDS,we are the critical components.

Welcoming, collaborative, and truly customer-driven.

Exceptional Quality, Fast Deliveries, & Technical Expertise

Material & Design Solutions supplies quality thermoplastic, elastomeric, and metal components for the oil & gas, fluid handling, and semiconductor markets, providing our customers with the advanced sealing solutions they need for various critical service applications.

We deliver exceptional customer service, ensuring our customers get what they need on time and at a competitive price.

Team member uses microscope to examine plastic ring.

In today's world, our core values matter more than ever.

We focus on our people: they’re who’s responsible for our success.

All of our team members embody our core values. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to remain steadfast in your beliefs and goals. Our core values focus on outstanding quality, responsiveness, fast deliveries, and technical expertise. At MDS, everyone makes an exceptional effort to deliver these to every customer, every day.

Our Five Core Values

Our Five Core Values