MDS Launches XDCOM 295 (FKM)

Material & Design Solutions LLC (MDS), the leader in High Performance Elastomeric Components and Seals, as well as, Molded and Machined Thermoplastic Components, is pleased to announce the commercial launch of XDCOM 295, RGD resistant fluoroelastomer (FKM). The published results have been confirmed by a well-known 3rd party laboratory, as well as by major oilfield service companies. Following ISO-23936-2 Annex B testing protocol, XDCOM 295 (FKM) earned a rating of 0000, the highest possible rating. XDCOM 295 is available in o-rings, t-rings, and vee rings. These shapes are available in stock at Material & Design Solutions Houston, TX and Singapore locations. For more information please call 713-722-0020.